The Problems Of Globalization Of Kazakhstan

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The problems of globalization in Kazakhstan. On the waves of the modern scientific and technical revolution, globalization has embraced remote places of the globe, so turning all countries in a very interlaced and interdependent system. Modern companies are enabled to operate in most countries of the world by using the air transport, global communication devices and modern kinds of communication and information exchange. Today many specialists perceive globalization as a creation of the common world market without any limitations, free for capital, products, services and labor to move. Globalization process is one of the most disputable and often discussed events in our time. It is perceived in different ways, views on it are especially different from developed and developing countries. To most poor countries, operations of transnational corporations being the major property of globalization seem unequal in respect to themselves. In their opinion, these corporations use cheep national resources, but fail to encourage development of latest kinds of production in these countries. Small and middle-size companies often join protests against globalization, as they suffer from strong competition caused by large corporations, which often are of a monopolistic character when proper antimonopoly policy is unavailable. The situation is quite different from the standpoint of international corporations, which believe their activities are meeting recipient countries ' interests. Their
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