The Problems With Birds Migrating Birds

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There are many issues with aircrafts interacting with wild birds. The birds can get sucked into the plane engines and harm the plane causing it to lose power and crash. Solutions are very limited due to birds migrating, you can put stuff in order to keep local birds away, but you can 't with migrating birds. There is research to be done to figure out the best solution to this problem. There is two ways of looking at this when birds hit planes causing damage to the plane or even bringing the plane down. Much like, the canadian goose that hit the plane and brought it down into the Hudson River. This is a big wildlife conservation what we can do to stop this from happening. There has been multiple studies done to see if lights will help the birds see the planes coming so they will move out off the way of the oncoming planes. The other way of looking at it is the planes harming the way the birds are living. A lot of airports are by where the birds will nest. Also, the noise of the plane interferes and hurts the roosting and feeding of the birds. This is a big wildlife management if these birds are being bothered and put out of the way of where the birds are supposed to live, then there are solutions for new airports being built in different, bird-free, areas. The top priority is to keep the wild birds safe and to keep them in their way of life and not to alter the way the birds live.
A plane was downed over New York when a bird was sucked into the jet engine. Flight 1459 just
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