The Problems With Refugee Detention Camps Essay example

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Genocide, poverty, religious intolerance, misogynism, these are only a few of the atrocities the people in some countries face every day. What choice do they have? Their only means of escape are death or refuge. So the obvious choice is refuge. They stowaway on ships or airplanes, pack into cars, or just start walking to a country where they have a small hope of not only surviving, but living a normal life. Most of them will end up in detention camps, and most will end up in camps where the conditions are very poor. Some will apply for asylum and be in camp for an undetermined amount of time. Others will not and could be held for even longer, maybe indefinitely. The effects of detention on the human mind are debilitating, and a child…show more content…
People worry about population control, jobs, crime, disease, and any other social problem people decide to connect immigrants with. When someone applies for refuge in a country this is called "asylum seeking" ("Refugees and Asylum" 2011). European countries are popular for this because they usually have stronger human rights foundations ("Refugees and Asylum" 2011). Unfortunately, because of anti-terrorism efforts, it has become increasingly hard for people to seek asylum in these countries ("Refugees and Asylum" 2011). Many asylum seekers in the past have gained citizenship, and have become normal members of society, but often times their only hope is for repatriation ("Refugees and Asylum" 2011). A problem faced by both host nations and refugees is that the accommodations given at the detention camps are meant to be temporary. They are only meant to hold the persons until the conflict in their country has stopped, but millions of refugees around the globe have been detained anywhere from 10 to almost 60 years (S. Feldman 2010). One of the largest refugee camps in the world is located in Dadaab, Kenya. The conditions in the camp are horrendous. Overpopulation is the biggest problem there, as Somalian refugees continue to pour in escaping from the famine that has ravaged their country. The camp is supporting more than quadruple its capacity. Many die on the way to

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