The Problems Within The Education System

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Racism unfortunately can be seen in almost all aspects of life, and the presence it has in education is detrimental to minorities during vital stages in their life. Not only does this lack of education affect obvious things such as a person 's future career, but it also affects their psychology and causes them to be more likely to make poor decisions during their life. Not only do you see racism in most levels of education, but you also see it somewhat taught in the classrooms as well. A lot of speculation has been done on education, trying to determine what is causing racism to continue to be such a problem. Studies have been done for the primary education level, the collegiate level , and even some looking at the bigger picture, politics and the media. Regardless, education plays such a pivotal role in a person 's life, so to not give minorities the same education as everyone else you are sabotaging their success.


The most obvious place to look for why racism exists so heavily in the education system, is to look at the beginning, primary school. A lack of non-white teachers, a outdated teaching regiment, and lack of knowledge all have led to racism playing such a big role in education.
A Lack Of Minority Teachers

The most apparent problem seen in the education system is the that the majority of teachers, are white. “Almost half the students attending public schools are minorities, yet fewer than 1 in 5 of their
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