The Problems in the Middle East Essay

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The Problems in the Middle East

The land of Israel once belonged to the Jews in 1948, but Diaspora, the Arabs claimed the land. Since the return of the Jews to their 'homeland' the two races have fought over what they both claim to be their Holy Land. The conflict between Arab and Jew still rages, with suicide bombings and militia violence happening every day. Because of the nature and age of the conflict, perhaps a lasting peace between Arab and Jew is impossible.

Jews believe that their God promised the land to them, and Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is their Holy City. Apart from the holy shrines and places of worship, the Arabs and Israelis are fighting over living space. Since the
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Then in the middle Ages, the Jews were expelled form Western Europe and many settled in Russia and Poland. But they were often persecuted. Almost all Europeans were Christians and they forced the Jews to live in separate areas. They were not allowed to vote or even to buy their own land. Such anti - Jewish behaviour is known as anti Semitism.

For hundreds of years Jews dreamt and prayed that they would be able to celebrate 'next year in Jerusalem '.

In 1917 the British were very keen to bring the United States into the First World War against Germany. The British believed that the Jews in America could influence third government's actions and so Britain declared its support for a Jewish home land in Palestine. This declaration was made in the form of a letter to Lord Rothschild a leading British Jew, in November 1917. It became known as the 'bal four declaration' because I was signed by the British foreign secretary, Arthur James.

For many centuries the Arabs have lived in the lands which we call the Middle East. They form the majority of the population and all speak the same language, Arabic. In the seventh century ad most of the Arabs were converted to the religion of Islam. They become the followers of Mohammed and now the known as the Muslims. From their homeland in Arabia, they swept across the Middle East and North Africa in the
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