The Problems of Teaching Creationism in Schools

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Not Very Creative: On Not Teaching Creationism in Schools Everybody should have a right to believe in whatever religious or spiritual system they want. Living in America, people are legally guaranteed that freedom, as well as protection from being persecuted for their beliefs. Recently there’s been a lot of talk in the media about religious freedom, as a result of the gay marriage controversies. Many people have cited gay marriage as an attack on their religious freedom. However, an excellent Huffington Post article highlights what qualifies as a threat to religious liberty and what doesn’t via a series of questions. One of the questions is presented like this (Heath): 10. My religious liberty is at risk because: A) I am not allowed to teach my children the creation stories of our faith at home. B) Public school science classes are teaching science. This sums up the question of whether or not creationism should be taught in schools. Creationism is the belief that a divine entity created everything, all of the worlds and all life. Another definition of creationism explains it as “a supernatural version [of how worlds and life came into being], often based on the Bible, of life’s origins and development” (Moore and Cotner 1). It stands opposed to scientific theories like Darwinian evolution, or “a change in the allelic frequency in a population over time due to differential reproductive success as a result of inherited variation” (Moore and Cotner 1). While it is true that
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