The Problems that Come with the Gigantic Leaps in Computer Technolgy

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In computers, there has been a big contrast from the twentieth century to the twenty-first century. The word computer was first used in 1613, describing a person who performs calculations in their head. In 1943 the Turing Machine was created by Alan Turing for theories about computing and computers. This device printed symbols on paper. Then, in the early twenty-first century, companies created computers that can surf the internet, let people create word documents, and play games. As time goes on, computer technology advances through the centuries to awe-inspiring devices, but can lead to safety and privacy issues not dreamed of. In the twentieth century, modern technology began. As early as 1971, Intel created the personal computer which was used in businesses. The company Apple offered to consumers and donated to schools, their version of the personal computer, but it was slowly accepted. In the 1980’s net book computers were introduced, allowing consumers and businesses to take their play and work wherever they went. Early computers had numerous safety hazards. Many consumers were not aware of how necessary it was to clean and manage their personal computer. Dust and hair would get sucked into the computer’s front fan and would stick to the hardware components. This would cause the components to overheat and start a fire or just fry the computer’s motherboard. Another issue is viruses. Whether someone only used their computer either for research, or for

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