The Problems with High School Drop Outs

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President Obama’s enfaces on the matter of the legal dropout age should be supported by all Americans. Education should be America’s top priority. State legislation giving permission for a child to not finish a high school education should be abolished. A high school diploma should be mandatory in all states. Education is the building block for a stronger country. If we hold our youth to lower expectations our country will continue to decrease in its rankings on education. Ronald a friend of the family was only sixteen years old when his mother decided it would be permissive for him to drop out of school. It is now short of a year since he has dropped out. Instead of continuing his education and being a child for a few more years he is becoming a father. Ronald had a drug issue while attending school that has increased after his drop out. The combination of a drug problem and no education has left him unemployed. Now being a father makes him and his girlfriend eligible for government assistance. This easy way out has wasted millions of tax payer’s money supporting the non-disabled and uneducated people in our society. Kentucky’s overall graduation rate in 2010-11 was 78 percent of 40,000 students. (“Kentucky’s overall high school graduation rate improves slightly”). Without a high school diploma it’s almost impossible to find a job. With a minimum wage job it is impossible to live comfortable. The average income of a dropout student is 8,000 dollars
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