The Problems with Obesity Among Primary Student in Hong Kong

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Introduction The material comforts are over-rich for children nowadays. In recent decades, fast food culture is common in Hong Kong. Besides, most of the children using their free time to watch television or play computer games rather than doing some physical exercise. As a result, the problem of obesity amount the children especially primary students in Hong Kong become seriously. Following the research which took by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, there are 4.7% of the Hong Kong children aged 5-17 were obese, using the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) . In 2004, there are 18.7% of primary students, much higher that the world’s children at the same aged (CUHK ¶1-4). This paper will investigate the causes and effects for…show more content…
And there are five level are estimated from the result, they are underweight, healthy range, overweight, obese and severely obese. If your BMI result are under 18.5 unit, that means underweight; if your result are within 18.5 to 25 unit, that means you are healthy; within 25 to 30 unit, that means you are overweight; within 30-40 unit, that means you are obese; over 40 unit, that means you are severely obese. (Mary. L. G. ¶14). I am so glad that there is an easy calculates way for all of us to measure our body weight and height to know that we are healthy or obese now. Some primary students have the problem of obesity in Hong Kong but they don’t know how serious for obese they are. So BMI can help them to calculate their weight and height whether they are in a healthy level or not. Therefore they can have this result and understand that they need to change they are habit of dieting and do more physical exercise to get the health weight. How Dieting Solve the Problem of Obesity? By Chan Hung Long Most of the children in Hong Kong love to take some snacks as their bunch but eat too little vegetables. If the children keep taking those dieting habit, they will gradually become obese. According to Food Pyramid, the base level is carbohydrate food. That means we need to take a relatively higher amount of carbohydrate for daily, next is the vegetable and fruits, the least amount will be those high-salt, high-sugar and high-fat food (Mary. L. G. ¶ 1-11) . However, most of the

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