The Procedural And Information Sharing Portion Of The Class

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As noted, the procedural and information-sharing portion of the class was shortened, and most of it was moved to a new online reference section for managers. This was created within the organizations internal wiki (i.e. intranet search and data) site. This resource was introduced to participants during the class.
Additionally, the entire course was made more interactive, with less lecture, to appeal to adult learners and to increase content retention. Throughout the process, the course and all related documents were brought in alignment with new brand standards used by the organization.
From the quantitative results, it was clear that participants reported skill increases in all but one of the leadership competencies (Table 3). From the qualitative data results, it was seen that participants perceived value in learning the target leadership competencies. This was shown by the unsolicited mentions of these competencies when asked what they learned and what they wished to learn more of (Table 4).
Thus, the recommendation to the organization was to adopt this new course design to continue reaping the benefits of increased leadership competencies in their leadership staff. In addition, the organization was re-affirmed of the value of continuing their other leadership development courses. It was also recommended that they expand these by adding one particular topic, a time management course, as this was a specific need identified by the study group participants.
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