The Process And Harness Large Amount Of Data And Use That Information Effectively

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Executive Summary
Problem: How to process and harness large amount of data and use that information effectively.
Solution: The solution involves multiple components:
Continually develop solutions to organize and compress information so that large swaths of data take up less and less space.
Use technology to increase time and speed.
Develop and foster a balanced system environment that effectively uses power, storage, and networks to efficiently return desired query results.
Take advantage of innovation in external business environments and ensure system compatibility.
While the companies to be compared have developed effective models for big data analysis and organization, each does so differently. Briefly summarized and to be
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Introduction Innovations in computer processing, data storage, analytics software coupled with reduced costs have contributed to the emergence of "big data" as a mainstay in the world of Information Technology. It is no secret that businesses have been looking for ways to parse and effectively convert the vast amounts the data they 've been able to collect since technology has allowed them to do so. However, until recently, that has proven either too expensive or arduous of a process. Peter Sloot, in a call for papers referring to this very topic addresses what is known as the ‘Big Data ' problem,
"Such ‘Data Explosions ' has led to one of the most challenging research issues of the current Information and Communication Technology (ICT) era: how to effectively and optimally manage such large amount of data and identify new ways to analyze large amounts of data for unlocking information. The issue is also known as the ‘Big Data ' problem, which is defined as the practice of collecting complex data sets so large that it becomes difficult to analyze and interpret manually or using on-hand data management applications. From the perspective of real-world applications, the Big Data problem has also become a common phenomenon in domain of science, medicine, engineering, and commerce"
With emerging analytic capabilities, however, businesses are able to use the data to better predict, communicate,
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