The Process And Importance Of Building Rapport With Clients

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Describe the process and importance of building and maintaining good rapport with clients. Provide at minimum two examples to illustrate.
Building rapport with clients is a very important part of my job. I work with homeless youth and it is difficult to build a relationship with kids that don’t trust you to begin with. Since I am there for the majority of the week I believe that most of the kids are used to having me around. In order to have a good relationship with my clients’ rapport is a vital part of it. There are two specific clients that I have been able to get rather close to but it took some time. The first is a young client who had been kicked out of their house due to overusing drugs. At first we just played pool and music together, but that was the reason that we were able to talk. I found out that the young youth was suffering from mental illness and other drug problems. What made this interaction special is that the rest of the staff did not know about it even though the client had been at the organization for the past year. This told me that I was building a strong relationship with this client and that is because slowly but surely we were getting closer and we have established a sense of trust.
The second client came into the organization and asked to speak with a staff member, I took the client said and she disclosed to me the unfortunate events that occurred that day, I simply sat and listen to the client. Although it is a simple task I find that sitting
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