The Process And Importance Of Socialization

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Hailey Bryan
Dr. Michael Flota
SYG 2000 Online
June 2, 2017 The Process and Importance of Socialization in Children:

Socialization is the process through which an individual learns to become a functional member of society. Through socialization, one learns their cultures language, their role in life, what is expected from them, and what is considered acceptable behavior. Social interaction provides crucial sensory stimulation, which then leads to the creation of short and long-term memories. These memories are important because they reinforce behaviors or actions in new social situations. Another important part of the process of socialization is cognitive development, also referred to as modeling (Bandura,
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It continues from birth until death. We are continuously being molded into a social creature, and learning the social ways of acting and feeling. Without the process of molding, society could not continue, nor would culture exist, nor could an individual become a person. Every person constantly has to adjust themselves’ to be accepted by the society of which they are a member of. If they fail to do so, they’re labeled a social deviant and will be put back in line by the efforts of society. Socialization is constantly reinforced all throughout our lifetime, not solely through just our parents and teachers, but also through authority figures, messages from institutions, media, and our culture. Socialization has a significant impact on the way that children perceive themselves when they are younger and usually continues to affect them as they grow into adulthood. Thus, sometimes resulting in this defiant, uncontrollable behavior. Children are born into this world without any knowledge of the social culture. They must go through a long sociological developmental process in which parents and other influences, attempt to transform them into socially competent individuals. So, what would a human be like if raised in isolation? There is plenty of evidence that suggests if humans were raised in extreme isolation, that they would lack many of the features that we generally identify as "human." Without socialization, children cannot and will
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