The Process And Reliability Of Data

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The aim of this chapter is to report to the readers about the process and reliability of data collected in this study. This chapter is split into three parts; secondary data, primary data, and ethical considerations. In the beginning, the author clarified and justified the approaches of data to provide a clear understanding of the research process. Besides, the details about the sampling choice and size will be explained. At last, the ethical considerations were entailed and assessed to prove the validity and reliability of this study.

Secondary Data Though the concept of VR is not modern, the rise of development and application in the hospitality industry is new. The information of current applications was mainly gathered from …show more content…

In this study, mixed-method research was used. Mixed-method research is described as the "use of both quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques and analysis procedures either at the same time (concurrent) or one after the other (sequential)" (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2012, P.166). The combination of quantitative and qualitative data is necessary to achieve the third objective of this study, which is "to identify the acceptance of customers in Beijing, China, on virtual reality and its usage as a marketing tool". Quantitative method is required to understand the assumptions and acceptance of the customers in this project on a large scale. Qualitative method is also essential to gather people 's point of view on hypothesis 6. Mixed method research has the benefit of gathering more information and worldviews than using only either qualitative or quantitative search (Creswell and Plano, 2011). Survey strategy will enable to generate an enormous number of data. According to Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2012) "the survey strategy allows you to collect quantitative data which you can analyse quantitatively using descriptive and inferential statistics" (P.177). In the survey, qualitative data gathered with open-ended answers.

Time horizons According to Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2012), cross-sectional study is "the study of a particular phenomenon (or phenomena) at a particular time." The author has chosen this method due to time

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