The Process And The Plan

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After I went to talk to the advisor, I realized the process and the plan are very important to attend in college because the advisor wants us to plan out and decide which field you will go in the future. That makes us easily to follow what we need to attend in college. They don’t want us to waste time and get lost on the direction we want to go. Luckily, I always decide the path I will go when I go to college because I don’t want to have anything new make me nervous at the first time. I planed out my schedule and my career. I wrote down all of my classes I need and those classes I will attend in each quarter. With me, the plan is really effect to myself because I don’t want to miss out anything or worry about it. That’s why I always put myself in a good schedule that works for me. The challenge I always feel is nervous, anxiety, and stress because I am the person always think too much. This is a weakness point of myself. Every time I face with the challenge, it makes me really hard to sleep and focus on think about it. However, I never hide to challenge I have because each challenges will bring a lesson for me to learn. It teaches me a lot of important things to help my life and I can keep that to use when it is necessary in my life. Otherwise, it is a resource to me and I can share to anyone who needs help or have the same struggle like me. I’m excited about my planning ahead to next year because I already know the details and the specific classes to choose that makes me
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