The Process Begins With The Extraction Of The Nucleus,

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The process begins with the extraction of the nucleus, an organelle of the cell that contains a copy of the body’s entire set of DNA, of the egg of the mother, who has the mitochondrial disease. The nucleus of the female donor’s healthy egg is removed and replaced with the nucleus of the mother. This process is done to more than just one egg just in case one of the fertilized eggs does not work. The group of eggs are fertilized and the embryos (fertilized egg) are then inserted into the mother. Mitochondrial DNA, however, does not in anyway affect or change the child’s physical appearance. The resulting baby’s DNA is still half from mom and half from dad with only the mitochondrial DNA inherited from the donor and most importantly, is not…show more content…
The process for curing hemophilia post-birth would be to use “stem cells taken from people with hemophilia . . . [that] could be edited outside of the body to correct the genetic flaw that causes the disease, and then the normal cells [that] could be inserted to repopulate a patient 's bloodstream” (Specter 6). One example of genetic engineering being successful was when “In 1990, four-year old Ashanthi DeSilva, a child with SCIDS (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome), became the first patient to be successfully treated using gene therapy as part of a clinical trial at the National Institutes of Health” (Specter 2). Lastly in relation to curing of diseases using genetic engineering is the curing of diseases in animal organs, mainly pigs, so that those organs can be transplanted into humans. Pigs have organs that are similar in size to that of a human’s, but a pig’s organs contain viruses that will harm the human if transplanted. CRISPR-Cas9 can be used to remove these viruses so that the pig organs can be used in humans. Professor George Church’s opinion on the matter of organs transplants is that “Many people are rejected because they have infectious diseases or problems with
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