The Process Cycle Will Involve 4 Steps

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The process cycle will involve 4 steps. These steps are In-checking, Pulling/ system Processing, System Moving & Labeling, Physical Moving. The average time for this process cycle from the time that an Item is in checked to when the Items is move to the Pickup & Delivery Bins takes 375 seconds which is 6 Minutes and 15 Seconds. The estimated Takt time is depending on whether it is a priority item or a general cargo item. According to policy, priority items must be in the customer’s hand within one hour (3,600 seconds) of receipt by TMO. The takt time will vary depending on the proximity of the customer to the TMO Warehouse, so location will affect TMO ability to meet takt time. Therefore if the customer is located 40 minutes away, out takt time for priority times will be 20 minutes, if our customer is 55 minutes away, out takt time will be 5 minutes. Leadership Policy indicate that general cargo items must be available to the customer within 72 Hours of Receipt and seaport items within a 168 hours (a week). Process Cycle Steps Process Cycle Tasks Process Cycle Time InChecking • Check for Damage • Check Quantity • Check Item Number/ Part Number • Check Item was sent to proper Location • Check Shelf Life has not expired • Check for Item classification • Assign Temporary Location • Walk to office to process 15 secs 20 secs 7 secs 5 secs 15 secs 5 secs 5 secs 25 secs Total: 97 secs Pulling/ System Processing o Search
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