The Process Of A Mediator For Mediation

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1.Check in questions specifically ask the parties involved to make a decision and feel in control to move forward. Questions that can be asked that are not check-ins include questions that are likely to lead into other conversations. Examples of questions that are not check-ins are: - What conversations have led you both to reaching out for mediation? - Would you like to go back and reflect on the options to move forward? These questions are not empowering anyone and may just lead to ineffective conversations. Questions that are not check ins do not allow the parties to move forward they are likely to have the parties stay at a standstill and possibly even more backwards. 2.Bubbles with legs provide a road map mainly for the mediator.…show more content…
A non-adjudicative intervention gives power to the faculty member and student to come to an agreement. 6. The arb/med process focuses first on having the parties involved try to reach an agreement. If this does not happen a third party will intervene: such a judge. When a judge enters the picture the final sentence is up to the judge. Courts usually prefer this method since everything involving a judge is clear cut. 7. When dealing with the two sisters and their aging mother Party 1 may have recognized that her sister of party 2 was much closer with their mom. This happened, not on purpose because party 2 lives so much closer to their more and therefore sees her more. The recognition of this had become apparent because their aging mom is starting to think about moving into a retirement community. Party 1 may feel that have does not have much of a say in her mom’s living situation due to the fact that she does not see her as much as party 2. 8. For a mediator to “walk to the edge of the cliff” with the parties means that the mediator will allow both parties to talk out the confidential issues by themselves. The mediator will sit back and allow the conversation to unfold which allows parties to feel empowered and finalize a decision. Part 2 Application Questions ( 8 questions) 1. “To recap what was just said, there is a problem that deals with who to hire. Nikki prefers to hire friends because she knows them. Anthony feels there’s a need
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