The Process Of Becoming An Adult

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Many individuals go through a lot of developing steps when going from a child to an adult. I have had a lot of rewarding experiences and non-rewarding while growing into the adult I am today. There have been a lot of obstacles that came into my path, but I have overcome each one of them. The process of becoming an adult has two main stages: adolescence and early adulthood. I am thankful for how I have grown throughout my years of transforming into an adult. As a young child I would had a lot exercise and physical movement to gain my strength and developmental skills. Berger (2011) states, “Children of all age’s needs physical activity to develop muscle strength and control” (p.270).
Throughout history, many individuals experience puberty differently. Puberty never hit me until I was a sophomore in high school, so I knew a lot about puberty by seeing how others around me mature. I consider myself as an off time developer compared to my peers because most of the girls/boys that were my age started developing during late elementary and early middle school. Berger (2011), “Puberty usually starts between the ages eight to fourteen years old” (p.381). When my friends began to experience puberty during their earlier years, I felt like I would never reach the point of puberty because of how long it took me to reach full physical development. It took a while for me to receive adult features like breast, hips, hair in many places, and full-blown hormones. As I watched my
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