The Process Of Conducting Research

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The process of conducting research is to gather information that relates to your I- search question. The I- search question that I am seeking answers to happens to be; what is the definition of family in today’s society? There are many methods of investigation that can be used to answer this question, but I have limited it to eight methods. The eight methods I have chosen are going to give me in depth information about my purposed I search question.
The first method of investigation for my I- search project that would best help me gather information for my project is interviewing both in person and by email. The interview process is beneficial to my project because it gives me in depth and comprehensive information. The interviews will consist of ordinary people in todays, society both younger and older the young will be aged from four to thirty and old will consist of anyone over thirty. I am doing the interviews to gain answers to my secondary questions which are based on gender and age. Also interviews provide personal experiences and better understanding of the subject matter in this case family.
The second method of investigation will be scholarly journals. I am using journals because family is a big topic to be covered and it has been discussed and written about over many years. Many psychologists have written about what defines a family and how it has changed over time. These Journals will help me show that the definition is outdated and how it should be
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