The Process Of Conducting Vulnerability Assessments And Modeling Threats

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Abstract The purpose of this report is to explain the process of conducting vulnerability assessments and modeling threats. Vulnerability assessments are conducted to keep organizations safe from device and network vulnerabilities. There is a process that should be followed in order to perform a proper vulnerability assessment, if it is followed properly the organization will eliminate most if not all vulnerabilities from their network. Modeling threats is also an important step in creating a safe computing environment. It is a way for organizations to classify threats to their network, applications, and devices. Classifying the threats allows an organization act accordingly when it comes to the threats that are present on their networks. All organizations should adopt some form of vulnerability assessment and threat modeling, this will help protect the organizations reputation as well as its data that resides and travels through the network.

Table of Contents
Abstract 2
Finding Vulnerabilities In Today’s Organizations 5
Assessing Vulnerabilities 5
Vulnerability Assessments 6
Planning the assessment. 6
Conducting the Assessment. 7
Peter Stephenson 7
Interpreting the results and remediation 8
Modeling and Determining Threats 9
Identifying Assets 9
Document Components 9
Document Points of Attack 10
Identify Threats to Each Point 10
Identify the Type and Significance of the Attack 10
Identify Mitigation Strategies 11
Oversee Security Controls 11
Reevaluating Security

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