The Process Of Creating The Story Alice Hayes My Partner

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In the process of creating the story Alice Hayes my partner and I frequently found ourselves questioning what would a person in her situation do and how can we tie this into what we discussed in class. But first we had to think of a character for our western, they had to be someone brave who had faced a tragedy that made them that way, but they couldn’t be like every cowboy western that we watched in class. It had to be something different, but still held the same values. This is what led to us making the main character a female. It had to be someone who isn’t normally the American Adam figure and who would do the same thing that a man would do. We named her Alice Hayes because we were saying names back and forth and Alice seemed to fit best and Hayes seemed like a good western name to put with Alice. When we first started our project we had an overall idea of what our plot line would be; our heroine goes into town, when she gets back her families dead and a clue as to who it was is left behind. She then transforms into a gunslinger vigilante who wants to kill the men who killed her family and eventually does. From this we began thinking about where and how we want to set Alice up in the story; how would she be raised, did she grow up in the west or move with her husband and child? My partner and I worked it out so she then moved to the west with her husband and child to have a better life. From this information we began the story with Alice and her family living in a farm
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