The Process Of Decision Making

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The process of decision making can be easily understood as selecting one course of action over other courses actions available. There are also steps that are involved in making decisions. These steps include: (1) pinpointing the problem; (2) identifying the cause; (3) setting objectives; (4) formulating alternative courses of action; (5) evaluating alternatives against organizational objectives; (6) choosing the best course of action; and (7) implementing and evaluating the decision (Holzer and Schwester 2011). Now while these mentioned steps of making decisions seem extensive they are generally how decisions are made. Also in decision making there are numerous amounts of models that emerge and try to explain how all decisions in administrations are made. With decision making comes actors who implement and enforce the results of these decisions. With regards to the topic intended for this essay, the actor is the American administration and their implementation of policies regarding the recent outbreak of Ebola and how these administrators are enforcing policies with respect to the public. This paper specifically will revolve around Graham Allison’s three decision making models in his book Essence of Decision Making: Explaining Cuban Missile Crisis and the way his models analyze the decision making process. Allison’s three different models will give us different lenses to look at and analyze how the American administration is handling the Ebola situation here in the United
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