The Process Of Emergence The European Union Essay

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The process of emergence the European Union marked the commencement of an innovative era, for instance job creation effective trade, free market, enhanced security, sustainable development, protecting human rights, economic cohesion etc are major objectives. Though all these positive aspect in the mind, the reality of global depression reveals that there is much to be improved and that the imbalances between Member States is extending further. In this position, to solve these troubles the European Commission launched its suggestion for the future multiannual post-2013 financial agenda. It is think that this framework will work towards increase and competitiveness by dropping the budget in some areas and directing the expenses towards areas of interest for the Union. The Romanian govt. obeyed by the policy and come off its crisis in great deal.
Chapter One:
1.1 Introductory:
The joining of Romania into European Union is a new hot issue to the European economists. European communities become under a big umbrella unitedly to associate one another in their daily life and develop economy jointly. Where Romania was a communist country and change itself a revolutionary change and agreed to cooperate to the European social associations. After 2007, by joining in European Union, Romania become a greatest opportunist state among the East European countries.
European Union, a great and developed regional organization, has name and fame over worldwide for its free market
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