The Process Of Genetic Engineering

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Table of content Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.0 What is genetic engineering? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 History of genetic modified food--------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.2 The process of genetic engineering in crop (plant) --------------------------------------------- 2.0 Genetic modified crops worldwide----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Leading countries implementing genetic engineering------------------------------------------ 2.2…show more content…
In most events the goal is to introduce a new trait to the plant, which does not occur naturally in the species, for examples in crops and food. Since from 1960, there are many countries developing using genetic engineering crops. Genetic engineering crops bring a lot of benefit to society, it can fight with hunger world, it has better quality and it is good for environment. However, there are also many negative issue involved in genetic engineering crops such as it can harm the environment, it can be detrimental to human health and it is not safe. Using the information collected from different source such as interview with doctor or science teacher, secondary sources like online article, book, looking different websites and youtube clips, idea and evidence have been collected and analysed. 1.0 What is genetic engineering? Genetic engineering is the process of changing the DNA in an organism’s genome, it is also known as genetic modification. The role of genome is to contain the information to build organism and allow it to grow up (YourGenome, 2014). In the
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