The Process Of Having A Baby

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The Process of Having a Baby Having a baby is a wonderful event and the process is even better. To know that life comes from two people engaging in one activity is mind-blowing. Life then grows inside of a woman for nine months, where the baby is nurtured and breathes life through their mother. Then the mother goes into labor followed by delivery. After delivery, the woman can now hold the baby that grew inside of her. The process of having a baby is very beautiful. There are several aspects and all of them are very different from each other. When I think about it, it’s hard to understand how all of this can happen but that just makes it even more special.
Sexual Intercourse A baby can come from a simple but yet complex act. When a man and a woman lay down and have unprotected sex there is a high possibility that she can become pregnant. When a man reaches his climax and goes into the woman’s vagina, little sperm cells then race to fertilize the egg and implant. While all this is happening inside a woman’s body she doesn’t feel nor fully know what is going on. This whole process is exciting in more than one way to me. When I think about it I wonder, “How is all of this possible?” To know that this is basically the start of life is something to take serious. Since having sex can lead to a baby I don’t think that doing it unprotected should be taken lightly and people should be more cautious of their actions. To me sex should be held to a higher standard because protected or

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