The Process Of Interpersonal Communication

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Provisionalism in My World
The skill I am going to discuss is provisionalism. According to Interplay, the Process of Interpersonal Communication provisionalism means “a supportive style of communication in which a sender expresses open-mindness to others ideas and opinions” (G-9). Open-mindness as is willingness to consider new ideas. I think provisionalism means to create a positive conversation that will not turn off the other party and encourages an open mind.
Gibb notes in Interplay, the Process of Interpersonal Communication that “provisionalism surfaces through words such as perhaps, maybe, might, possibly and may” (p331). In learning about this skill I can improve my word choices to connect with people that I may have turned off by not using provisionalism. In open mindness a person will listen to another opinion even though they have already made up their mind. When using Provisionalism you create a more positive conversation by avoiding statements of certainty. Both parties will usually be more apt to continue conversation and are more likely to consider another’s point of view. Gibb notes:
One reduces the defensiveness of the listener when one communicates that one is willing to experiment with one 's own behavior, attitudes and ideas.
The person who appears to be taking provisional attitudes, to be investigating issues rather than taking sides on them, to be problem solving rather than doubting, and to be willing to experiment and explore tends to…
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