The Process Of Our Big Project We Didn 't Have Any Problems

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The way we first formed was by us being the closest together we just decided to be in a group together. We weren’t sure how it would be, but we eventually just introduced ourselves and shared information about ourselves. We then began to start discussing about the first project we did. We divided portions of the content and started placing information into the PowerPoint that we felt was useful to present. After, presenting the PowerPoint we noticed how each other works and were okay with it. We then presented our topic and was fine. When we then began to discuss topics about our final presentations we didn’t have any problems. Throughout the process of our big project we didn’t have any issues, but when we presented it was good, but could have been better. I, myself consider that I contributed a good amount of work towards the two projects we did. I feel that I took on the encourager or harmonizer role in which it is a member that provides positive feedback to other members ideas or opinions. When giving opinions or ideas on making decisions I would give positive feedback to the responses of the other members. An example of this was when we were discussing ideas like making our topic Houston’s Traffic I said, “That is a good idea because traffic is a huge issue in our city.” The way I contributed a good amount of work towards the two projects was by doing my part that I chose and placing enough information into the PowerPoints. If I had any questions I would bring them up
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