The Process Of Receiving Or Rendering Systematic Instruction

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Assignment One: Sequence One The process of receiving or rendering systematic instruction, can acquire to the definition of what an education is. Explicating the meaning of what it is to be educated in the United States of America, can be provided with a plethora of theories and ideas from an individual’s perspective. Individuals can be educated in various ways. A route in giving this systematic instruction can be viewed through films. Freedom Writers, is a film that depicts education through specified cultures within America. The film celebrates an appropriate relationship between students and their teacher. As an educator, Mrs. Gruwell, felt inclined to seek the needs of her students through literature and by giving them a sense of hope. Coming from very complex backgrounds, Gruwell’s job in the classroom manages to break down stereotypical barriers and to shift the attitudes of these adolescents into a more optimistic view on education. War is often mentioned in the film and appears to conjoin the key issues that already exist in their lives. The plot and characters in the film do a fine job of informing what it means to have an American education. Freedom Writers is a film that infiltrates education within one of the most grueling parts of America. The students in Mrs. Gruwell’s class often refer to their lives as a war. This is a war of the streets. Race and gang membership stands as a prominent issue to their discretion. Black, Latin, and Asian students stood
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