The Process Of School Process

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School Process
Based on the data that the auditor collected and analyzed there are three processes and/or programs that could be improved upon. The first item that can be developed further is instruction. Based on the Curriculum Survey and anecdotal data there seems to be difficulties in how teachers are teaching the curriculum. Overall the lowest scores for the question "To what extent do we engage in this behavior or address this issue (Marzano, 2003)" where under the criteria of Instruction. The auditor has also attended Focus Walks where the literacy curriculum has been the target and observed the lack of implementation of research based strategies. Teachers are also constantly utilizing their Instructional Data Team time to
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"Research and experience help us recognize that high-quality ongoing professional development that deepens teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills; provides opportunities for practice, research, and reflection; and includes efforts that are job-embedded, sustained, and collaborative will assist in the goal to remain up-to-date (Sparks, 2002)." the district created the curriculum and should be responsible for sharing the vision of a Rigorous Curriculum with the teachers. Ainsworth would agree that there are many facets to understanding and carrying out the units of studies utilizing his methods. The types of professional development the teachers need would cover Understanding by design, teaching standards, common formative assessments, lesson planning, differentiation and scaffolding for struggling students. Unfortunately, the district limited time to implement professional development since the elementary teacher have chosen not to attend the second Wednesday professional development. This means the district professional developers will have to use the two full days and three half days strategically, prioritizing based on need and also offering choice base PD so teachers can select options based on where they are in the learning process.
Another, process that Stamford Public Schools should use is Instructional Data Teams, "Instructional Data Teams (IDT) are groups of teachers working collaboratively in a
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