The Process Of Strategic Planning

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According to Rev Esp Cardiol. 2012 the process of strategic planning the SP, process is divided into five stages e.g. defining the Mission, Vision and Values. Mission statement defines the overall purpose of the organization. The vision statement is a written statement that presents the future image of the HO after the transformation process. Values are the set of principles, rules and cultural aspects governing the HO and determining their institutional behavior. Strategy Formulation is the second phase of SP; it has five stages. First Stage: Analyzing the External Environment This analysis provides information on everything external to the organization that can influence it, but which the organization cannot change. The analysis of the environment focuses on four components, competitors, clients, providers and owners. These four dimensions are those that form what is called the “business sector” and provide a good picture of the environment in which it operates. Second Stage: Analyzing the Internal Environment. This analysis provides information on everything relevant that has occurred and occurs within the HO. It is accepted that the HO has the complete ability to act, transform and change its internal environment. This analysis focuses on four different aspects. Resources and The legal situation, other power groups within the HO and Analysis of clinical care, training and research activity, this is the part of the HO 's internal analysis with the
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