The Process Of The Semi Structured Interview

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The process of the semi-structured interview was to find participants willing to be interviewed about cheating. Once I found my participants I recorded our conversations whilst asking them questions from my already prepared list of questions. I followed the list as I saw fit, mostly following the questions, but breaking away a little depending on how the conversation flowed and always going back to my original questions. The domain that was studied were college aged students, ages 18-25, who were primarily UConn students. College students are seen as a major demographic for cheating, so by conducting these interviews we are able to see what college students really think about cheating and whether or not they are viewed correctly in society. In this study there were a total of 27 participants. 15 of the participants were female and 12 were male. The ages ranged from 19-25.
My process of finding themes in the data was to start by reading each transcript fully until I started to see where people talked the mosts and brought up the most interesting points. Then I would read more transcripts focusing on those questions. From there I found multiple themes that occurred in many of the transcripts, then I narrowed them down to the four major themes that I wanted to discuss in my paper. For first theme is how widespread cheating is. Most people have had experience with cheating. Even if they never cheated or been cheated on, they know people who have cheated or been cheated on.…
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