The Process Of The Water Cycle

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I. Introduction/Overview of Assessment Plan In this unit, students will explore the process of the water cycle as connected to weather conditions. These processes they will understand include evaporation, condensation, and participation. To ensure students are learning, I will conduct pre-assessments, formative assessments, and summative assessments. These assessments are valid to the objectives and goals because they can measure to the extent to which they are being achieved as measurable student outcomes.

III. Pre- & Summative (post) Assessments

The pre-assessment activities evaluate student learning by allowing the teacher and students discover what they already know. In addition they recognize that prior knowledge so they may engage in questioning, formulating, and thinking in order to construct new knowledge appropriate to their level. Furthermore, the pre-assessments for this unit will be scored as a participation grade. This participation in pre-assessments will help guide planning by helping make instructional decisions about student’s strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, the summative assessment evaluates student learning by comparing student learning at the end of the unit by comparing it to a standard. Therefore, the summative assessment is providing information and feedback that sums up the teaching and learning process. Consequently, the summative assessment will be scored as a major/test grade and no further revisions will be allowed.
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