The Process Of Top Down Network Design

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Introduction I chose this particular topic considering that it’s not easy, and that it will enhance the skills I already have. The topic selection should not matter that much, since the topic will merely gauge to see what I will learn, and also challenge my ability to find solutions to various problems that I will encounter throughout this course. This will begin with week one and ending with week seven, provided with a business network scenario I will decide based on the assumptions and requirements to either upgrade or design a network from scratch. My reasoning for this is simple, that if I apply what I am suppose to learn in this course, I should be able to quickly apply the process of top-down network design, keeping in mind the…show more content…
As soon as these base elements are identified, it is easier to build these elements as new system. A top-down design is also known as a stepwise design, or as Cisco documentation refers to the Plan Design Implement Operate Optimize (PDIOO), (Oppenheimer 7) as a set of phases in the life cycle of a network. What I hope to learn by doing this project is that given business goals and constraints, apply the top down network design process and design a network based on those business goals and constraints. From the book, at least from chapter 1, that the top-down process brings together information on goals, but also the importance of using systematic methods for network design. Using these well-defined, systematic methods will benefit in understand the changing technologies and customer requirements. Once again, from Chapter 2, I hope to learn the importance of analyzing the customer’s business needs, his style, his biases, and his technical expertise. Understanding how to work with a customer will assist to understand the budget and schedule for the network design project. The bottom line for me to succeed, I need to understand my client’s corporate organizational structure. Understanding the corporate structure will aid in analyzing data flow and develop a network topology, which usually parallels the corporate structure. It will aid in
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