The Process Of Writing The Intervention Plan

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During the process of writing the Intervention Plan I met with the client on a number of occasions. During those times I observed the client participating in different activities to try and determine her level of cognitive and physical function. I also spent time talking with her about activities she enjoyed to include both current and past activities such as crafts, exercise and reading. Under the supervision of the recreational therapist the following are activities that I performed with the client and how and why I determined the activity I chose for her intervention plan. The client stated on several occasions how important she thought exercise was and willingly participated in morning exercises and daily walks. During the walks the client relied heavily on others to guide her due to her visual and cognitive deficits. In my opinion she will not be “independent functionally mobile” and I feel there is nothing that I can do to improve her current level of function leaving me to the conclusion that activity would not work for an intervention plan. During morning exercises the client was able to perform all exercises correctly and was very motivated however, on a regular basis the client would ask if she was doing them correctly. I noticed during another activity she would also ask if she was doing it correctly. Taking into account her concern for how she performed I planned on asking her to assist me in leading morning activities, the idea being to re-enforce a positive
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