The Process When Making an Act of Parliament

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The Process When Making an Act of Parliament
Making law is one of the core functions of Parliament. Laws begin as bills and must progress through a number of set stages in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Only Parliament can make new laws, or change existing ones, that affect the whole of the UK and so proposals are brought to Parliament by the Government and by individual Members of Parliament .These are called ‘Bills’. There are 3 different types of Bills, these are Public Members’ Bills, Private Members’ Bills and Hybrid Members’ Bills.
Most Public Bills are introduced into Parliament involve public policies which will either effect the whole country or a large section of it, these Bills are known as Public Bills, for
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The Royal Assets is a monarch has to approve the Bill and give their agreement for it to become a law. The last time the Royal Asset was refused was in 1707 when Queen Anne refused to agree to the Scottish Militia Bill.
The doctrine of Parliamentary sovereignty means that any statute passed by the Parliament can’t be challenge. It is associated with Dicey, who defines sovereignty as the right to make any law and the principle that there is no competing legislative body of Parliament. Parliament does not have time to debate every small detail of complex regulations. Making regulations through delegated legislation saves Parliamentary time. Society has become very technical, this makes it impossible that members of the Parliament cold have all the knowledge needed to control technology, ensuring environment safety, dealing with different industrial problems or operating complex taxation schemes. Delegated legislation allows the Government to make changes to a law without needing to push through a completely new Act of Parliament.
Consultation is important for rules with technical things, where it is necessary to make sure that the regulations technically work. The process of passing an Act of Parliament can take time
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