Essay on The Process by Which a Bill Becomes an Act of Parliament

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The Process by Which a Bill Becomes an Act of Parliament The government- lawyers in the civil service, who are known as parliamentary counsel to the treasury, first draft the majority of Acts of Parliament. The government gives instructions for the Bill. When this first draft of the Bill has been set out, it is published. Even at this stage difficulties may crop up, as the draft must be precise and accurate to the governments wishes without any possible mistakes. Also there is little time to produce these first drafts, so there is a lot of pressure on time to introduce the Bill to Parliament. To become an Act of Parliament, both Houses of Parliament, in which each there is a lengthy and…show more content…
The 'Report Stage' is when amendments to the Bill take place. These amendments are debated in the House and either accepted or rejected. The 'Third Reading' is the final vote on the Bill and after this stage it is unlikely to fail. There would only be a further debate on it if requested by six or more MP's, and there can also be amendments made in the House of Lords, at this stage. If the Bill was started in the Commons it would now be passed to the House of Lords and any amendments would be made and then sent to the House of Commons for agreement, and vice versa if the Bill was started in the House of Lords. The House of Lords' power is, however, limited by the Parliaments Acts 1911 and 1949, which allows a Bill to become Law even if it is rejected by the House of Lords, provided it is re-introduced at the next session of Parliament and passes all the stages in the House of Commons again. This doesn't happen often, the last time being the War Crimes Act in 1991. The 'Royal Assent' is the final stage where the Monarch gives formal approval of the Bill and it now becomes an Act of Parliament. This is now a formality under the Royal Assent Act 1961. Following the Royal Assent, the Bill now becomes an Act of Parliament, coming into force on midnight of that day, unless another day has been set. (b) (i) Using the Source and
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