The Process of Case Management

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Case Management Comment Paper Defining case management Case management refers to a collaborative process focusing on assessing, planning, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating options and services with the aim of achieving complex health needs and preferences through communication and available resources thus promoting quality and cost-effective outcomes (Gursansky et al, 2003). During assessment, the case manager has the obligation of evaluating family or patients for services such as high cost cases, high-risk cases, prevention, and wellness. In the context of planning, the case manager focuses on assisting patients in establishing a successful treatment plan through provision of relevant conditions and disease mitigation education. In the case of child protection, case management focuses on the planning, assessment, and coordination of the various health and protective mechanisms with the aim of improving the health of the child. There is need to protect the child from various aspects such as sexual abuse, discrimination, and harassment from any other aspect of the society. There is also the concept of implementation in which the case manager promotes improvement of the families through appropriate access to case and services and adequate monitoring of the ongoing treatment plan for effectiveness. The case manager also focuses on the promotion of coordination and evaluation with the aim of achieving the goals and objectives of quality health care
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