The Process of Change in Organizational Culture

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Kotter, 1992)6486486Kotter, JohnCorporate Culture and Performance1992New YorkFree Press( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_12" o "Kotter, 1992 #648" J. Kotter, 1992). This can be done through employee surveys, focus group discussions, interviews, observation, internal research, and customer surveys. After assessing these needs, the company must then address each need in its own unique way and then design a process of change that will address all aspects of the required change and cover all needs ADDIN EN.CITE Bate1994686(Bate, 1994)6866866Bate, Stuart P.Strategies for Cultural Change1994OxfordButterworth- Heinemann Ltd.( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_2" o "Bate, 1994 #686" Bate, 1994). This paper looks at stage 1 and stage 4 of the Kotter process which are the most difficult to initiate in the company.

Step 1: Increasing urgency
This is the first Stage of the Kotter change model. It involves the establishment of a sense of urgency in the organization followed by the formation of a powerful coalition guideline and the last is the creation of the organization vision. In order to initiate this change process, the organization or company must build a clear vision that defines their new strategy and the shared values…
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