The Process of Development Existence Cycle

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Introduction Variations of pizza service impose different needs on human resources. Standardized service or dishes can help to eliminate the complexness from the system design and sustain a certain percentage of costs therefore a sufficient pizza information system isn't just an entire software and hardware facility but is another comprehensive integration of the business design with service functionality. This research adopted the machine Development Existence Cycle (SDLC). The core process of the SDLC process that was adopted is described below (created solely for this research): Figure 1: Process of study Problem identification: In problem identification, the appropriate conditions and needs to determine the pizza information system were first recognized through relevant domestic and overseas researches. For this analysis, the pizza parlour or restaurant operation was understood to have an encouraging environment for better understanding of how the pizza parlour or restaurants work generally. Consequently, the style of the brand new system was nearer to the data needs from the pizza industry. (2) Feasibility study: The feasibility of the study was dependent upon two factors: economic feasibility and operational feasibility. Economic feasibility: This research employed the ROI method and also the payback period approach to confirm whether this pizza parlour or restaurant management product is economically achievable for that company. The techniques are described
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