The Process of Recycling

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Everyone knows how to recycle; the used items are placed on the curb, sent to donation centers, and picked up to be used, but many do not have knowledge of where their products go after that. Of course recycled materials can be reused, and reduce pollution and the basic facts that everyone is aware of but how exactly do different items benefit our environment? The facts and statistics shown of how things are recycled and how they help our world prove to be more interesting and beneficial then one would think. Recycling is a very intricate process that has many worldly benefits to which our people should be more aware of in their daily lives. The complicated process of recycling after products are picked up from the curb is worth the work to preserve the environment. Different products receive different treatment when it comes to breaking down the material in order to make something new. Paper is first sorted into type, weight, use, color, and whether or not it has been previously recycled (Cirabianowski, 1). From there the ink is removed, the paper is formed into a pulp, filtered to remove contaminants (What Happens to Materials When You Recycle, 2), then sprayed and rolled into flat sheets to be pressed, dried, and cut into the right size (Cirabianowski,1). Plastic is a problem because of how cheap it is to produce and the fact that it is not biodegradable. It is usually made into a new form when recycled. It is sorted and filtered, made into pellets, and transformed to
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