The Process of Selecting the Arbitrator

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The Process of Selecting the Arbitrator The Labor and management have an influence in the selection and the compensation of the arbitrator. The steps in selecting an Arbitrator are as follows; * Step 1: At request of parties, tribunal sends a list of proposed arbitrators * Step 2: Parties are given seven days to study the list, cross-off unacceptable names, and rank remaining names * Step 3: Additional names submitted to parties if no mutually acceptable names identified * Step 4: If parties cannot agree on a mutually acceptable name, tribunal will make an administrative appointment The general source of securing a list of arbitrators is through impartial agency (Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS);…show more content…
Here, the labor and management members are the partisans or advocates for their respective sides, and the neutral chairperson then becomes a single arbitrator. The unique role that the panel chair plays in the arbitration process is that it’s the chairs duty to keep other arbitrators well informed of the aspects involved within the case in order to make sound decisions. When the tripartite board doesn’t decide unanimously, they turn to the collective bargaining agreement, which often stipulate that a majority award of the board is final and binding. The advantages of this board are that it provides the neutral member with valuable advice and assistance from the partisan members, which allows the parties to give a more realistic and informed picture of the issues at hand. However, the disadvantage is that it takes additional time and more expenses are incurred with a board.
Arbitration services:
The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services’ Office of Arbitration Services (OAS) is one source of the arbitration panels, and their services are as follows:
• Maintains a roster of qualified arbitrators to hear and to decide the labor questions that are in labor-management disputes
• Provides the parties that are involved within the collective bargaining agreements with a list of experienced panels of arbitrators
• Appoints arbitrators following their selection by the parties involved
With the OAS maintaining a
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