The Process of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

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Communication Paper Introduction Communication is important to virtually all spheres of human influence. Through communication, man is empowered to understand his immediate environment. If there was no communication, it would be impossible for man to gain knowledge that would inform his comprehension of his immediate environment. Communication comprises two major types; the verbal and non-verbal forms (Cole and Smith, 2008). For the purpose of our discussion, this paper will seek to present a discourse that encompasses the process of verbal and nonverbal communication, and the components that constitutes each. The appreciation of these forms of communication and their components is instrumental in the fashioning of an effective communicator in the field of criminal justice. The message is the most significant component of any form of communication. Normally communication is a continuous process that involves an interchange of messages from the sender to the recipient. Efficient communication is said to have occurred when the message passes from the sender to the receiver and that the message retains its originality and is not distorted. The sender always expects the receiver to respond to his message via the same channel of communication (Cole and Smith, 2008). The role of an effective communication system in criminal justice is indispensable as this allows the investigators in obtaining the best information during interviews with victims and perpetrators of crimes.
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