The Process of Video Game Design and Creation Essay

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Video games have become a substantial influence on the curriculum of the modern entertainment industry. From first-person shooters to role-playing games, the video game industry has became accessible to nearly every kind of player, whether it be a person who enjoys invigorating storytelling, or somebody who just wants to reduce armies into nothing more than bloody shrapnel. “…developing a ‘major’ game title can be a significant task – writers, game designers, sound designers, visual artists and more must work together to create the actual game.”(“The Process of Game Creation & the Game Design Document.") One thing not often taken into consideration, though, is the hard work and dedication that goes into many of the games people play. Every …show more content…
Once the ideas are set, the digital artists begin work on designing the models of the characters in the game, as well as the environments. Character models have animations, such as walking, talking, jumping, or even fighting. Some games use full three-dimensional models, while some choose to use two-dimensional characters, often called “Sprites.” The environments are usually made of both interactive and non-interactive elements, and characters are often either player controlled, or non-player controlled. (NPC) Non-player controlled characters can be enemies that may try to obstruct the player, or sometimes, characters that help, or just support the game in some way.

No game is a game if it is not an actual game, with interactivity to it. Therefore, this is where the programmers and designers start developing their controls, game play mechanics, and they begin to refine their idea. Rigorous work, spending night and day is not uncommon, as the game’s staff works hard to get the game to play as they want it. Refining and programming a game is as much a part as designing the characters. Some argue it is even more important. In any case, this process is where the designers tweak little things. The way an object bounces off a wall, or how a character is affected by certain actions are
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