The Product Development Of Target Corporation

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Every company will focus on supplying a service, product, or both. How and where the product is made plays a crucial role in the company’s success. In order to help visualize how the products are made process maps are formatted. These process maps can help to identify areas that need improvement. In order to implement improvement, process development will be implemented. The form of good that a company supplies is also important and to ensure that the best product is distributed product development is conducted. Target Corporation is a complex company, which provides consumers with their necessities. Products and Services Being Analyzed Target Corporation offers its customers a vast variety of products, well also providing a service. The corporation owns or has exclusive rights to many different brands ranging from groceries to clothing. For example, some brands that can only be found at Target are Archer Farms which provides food merchandise, Merona which supplies clothing and Room Essentials which provides home goods (Target, 2015, para.2). The shopping experience that Target provides can be defined as a service. The stores shopping experience is a service, since it cannot be patented, interaction with the customer occurs, it is heterogeneous, along with perishable and time dependent and contains the package of features (Chase & Jacobs, 2013, p.9). Target is a popular consumer destination because it provides both a service and goods making it ideal for one

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