The Product Lifecycle: An Analysis of Two Successful Products

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The Product Lifecycle
Of the many strategies and initiatives that companies engage in, new product development and product introductions say more about how well a company orchestrates its many systems, processes and strategies internally. The new product development and introduction process is responsible fro over 60% of the revenue of a given company (McNally, Akdeniz, Calantone, 2011). The importance of orchestrating branding, marketing strategy, new product development, the product launch, and after sales and service into a single unified strategic initiative is critical for a company to earn back their investment (McNally, Akdeniz, Calantone, 2011).
Analysis of Two Successful Products
In evaluating the new product development and introduction process, two products that have been successful are first analyzed. The first, the Apple iPad2, from a long-standing, highly successful and profitable company is used in this analysis. The second, the Tesla automobile, a new product from a young company, is also in included. The Apple iPad2 is in the growth stage of the product lifecycle, and is the result of brand and product repositioning efforts by Apple to further the product lifecycle of the Apple iPad series. There is much debate in the high tech industry of whether the Apple iPad Mini will cannibalize the iPad2 sales, yet to date according to Apple's financial statements, this is not the case. Apple excels at product and institutional branding, and also
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