The Product Of Celebrity Endorsement

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This Proactiv advertisement advertises the product using celebrity endorsement as well as sending implicit messages. The text in this advertisement explicitly shows many claims that Proactiv works such as “helps clear and prevent acne blemishes with a three step system.” As well as “works on all types of acne, effective on all skin types and try it 60 day, risk free!” The main slogan that they use is referring to Katy Perry and it says “what’s the secret to her success, she’s Proactiv.” Other components of this advertisement include visuals such as the product itself and a photo of Katy Perry. Although this advertisement seems simple it implies that in order to be successful you have to be physically attractive. A stereotypically…show more content…
This text was written through the perspective of the Proactiv company and marketers who have likely spent most of their career learning how to manipulate the mind of teenagers to make them buy things. The bias of this text is that they only show one way to be successful and liked by society. This one sided message that Proactiv sends to teens is that physical beauty is the key to success. The media sends many advertisements to teens that display a specific desired image of beauty. This is usually incredibly thin, caucasian people who are flawlessly airbrushed to an unattainable standard of perfection. For example in the past, Proactiv used successful people such as Adam Levine, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber and Avril Lavigne. These celebrities fit into the mold that deems them attractive by the media and that reinforces Proactiv’s one sided message that in order to do well for yourself in life you have to fit a discriminating physical description that the media exhibits as attractive. Although this seems to be the easiest way to sell things to teenagers who ironically are obsessed with their appearance thanks to the media, it is incredibly biased because beauty is not the only thing that makes a person successful. Most valued members of society are valued because of their education, skill, constructiveness, entertainment value and so much more, but these advertisements consider only one
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