The Product Of Company G Is Promoting Its Most Recent Efficiency Enhancing Product

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The Product
Company G is promoting its most recent efficiency enhancing product. The offering is a product line of streamlined, technically advanced and convenient conference room tables for corporate offices small and large. These tables will have internet capability via built-in switching, power adapters for anything that connects with a USB, Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi, and general power connection without the added visible cables that can add a clunky, unprofessional, and unorganized appearance. These conference tables are made with high quality wood and/or laminates and can be delivered in manageable pieces to accommodate entryways and maneuverability. The connectivity and the components to manage this are embedded underneath the table, needing only one Ethernet line installation and one power connection, allowing for easy hiding of unsightly cables and eliminating tangled messes.
The materials that are used for these tables are picked for quality, durability, professionalism, and aesthetics. While many manufacturers are working towards mass consumption, resorting to less costly materials, this product line is more niche based allowing for customization and quality that justifies the cost. Company G feels that consumers will value that the product is designed with professional presentation in mind. Adding to this presentation are the clean lines, efficiency, ease of installation, and beauty that compliments a corporate setting.
This product line fills a need for in
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