The Production And Marketing Functions

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Executive Summary We live in an increasingly global economy where products are sourced from low cost production locations to meet consumers’ demands at prices they can afford. Moving products from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between international, national, and regional facilities and to distributors, can represent more than half of total logistics costs. Add international sourcing and final distribution to store or end customer, and those costs can rocket even higher. Efficient distribution emphasizes the control of the flow of materials from the point of manufacture to the industrial user or end customers. The production and marketing functions are linked together by distribution which is responsible for matching the supply to…show more content…
Arabica is a higher quality and higher value coffee normally grown in cooler, elevated areas of the tropics. Arabica is used in the roast and ground coffee market and is added to blends of Robusta to improve quality of instant coffee. Brazil and Columbia are the major producing countries. Almost all coffee grown in Myanmar has been grown as a back yard crop. The coffee is all grown in totally natural conditions under jungle cover without the benefit of fertilization, pest control or pruning. Most of the Arabica coffee grown in Myanmar is grown at altitudes of over 900 m., In 1994 the government decided to promote the growing of coffee as an export crop. The challenge is to increase coffee quality and consumption in both coffee producing and consuming countries and reduce the amount of poor quality coffee in the market place. At present coffee is produced in twelve Divisions in Myanmar as shown below. Divisions Coffee Harvested acres Approximate yield in 1998-1999 (tons) 6 Arabica 8245 1400 1.2 Reasons for choosing the product Nowadays, coffee drinkers can enjoy a variety of coffee beverages. Many people drink coffee regularly and will not be able to resist an invitation for a coffee break. There are many reasons regarding Myanmar Arabica coffee choosing to distribute. Myanmar Arabica Coffee is grown under the canopy of shade trees, organically for food safety and consumer
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