The Production Of Additive Manufacturing

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As the acceptance and use of Additive manufacturing methods increases, so does the demand to increase the geometric accuracy of products. The additive manufacturing process produces products of fair geometric quality but is nowhere near as geometrically accurate as its counterpart, subtractive manufacturing. Here I review the processes of additive manufacturing that cause a decrease in geometric accuracy. As processes that cause geometric inaccuracy are highlighted; the additive manufacturing process comes closer to producing products capable of maintaining a high level of geometric accuracy.

Additive manufacturing (AM) methods in product development and manufacturing are projected to grow over 300% within the next 10 years
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The scan software estimates the relative size of the object, then produces a virtual model, adding error to the product. This error causes an overestimation of the original object 's size, resulting in an oversized model (Pinto). Errors leading to oversized models must be kept to a minimum, especially for models destined for the medical field. Some models are made to replicate the body structure of patients in order to provide surgeons with a model to simulate the surgery beforehand (Petzold). These models include the structure of critical veins and areas that must be avoided to prevent complications during surgery (Petzold). It is critical that the model accurately represents the position of such critical points so during pre-surgery simulation/planning surgeons can construct a feasible method to avoid these areas. To increase model accuracy, accurately represent critical features and minimize the amount of overestimation scans of objects should be taken using the maximum amount of reference points the software and scanner allow (Pinto). The second method of attaining a .stl file does not involve estimations allowing the model to maintain the desired geometry. The model is made directly in a CAD program then uploaded directly to the slicing software. This software slices the design into the many layers that
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